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Question for a developer.
I noticed that one of the new editions of Parrot has KDE integrated into it.

So here is the KDE Website:


If you scroll down a little bit, you will notice that KDE is sponsored by Google.
Which brings me to my question:
Isn’t one of Parrot main goal is based around privacy? And how does this affect it?
Thank you.

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It doesnt really affect it at all, other than ensuring the software is kept updated.

Google is a big sponsor of many open source projects, including KDE and also linux. https://opensource.google.com/community/affiliations/

The vast majority of contributions to the linux kernel are sponsored, that doesnt mean its all spyware. Big companies rely on opensource projects, so they pay to keep them maintained and add features they require. Its cheaper than writing bespoke software and cheaper than paying for expensive software licences.

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Parrot is certainly no less safe than any other Linux distro because of Google. The link that you posted, also mentions Cannonical, Privateinternetaccess and others. Do some extensive research on these companies, their telemetry, data retention, logging, and privacy policies. Even if google is not to be trusted for any reason, it is to late, It has been contributing to Linux for to long, and has worked its way to deep into the system. Use wireshark, make sure are getting everything out of it you can. Check out Firefox. Go through their about:config and see how many unique identifiers their are, and how many urls data is being sent to. Shut off your internet connection, run bleachbit on firefox, open firefox (internet still off) close it and run bleachbit on it again. And it is yet to be seen what will become of Github/Microsoft. Even with whatever you find about all these things, You are way safer than with Windows.

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kde is safe and its code is open and clean with no proprietary or telemetry shit by google

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