Kernel pannic not syncing attempted to kill init

Version : Parrot 4.7
Edition : Parrot Security
Architecture : amd64

Method used to install Parrot : Debian Standard

Configured to multiboot with other systems : NO

machine model : Hp pavilion x360

I updated my OS by using “Sudo parrot-upgrade” but then i encounterd Kernel panic. I re installed the system 5 times but then i face the same problem. Yeah i used Etcher to create the bootable flash disk. On booting the system and choose the lower update version, it works perfect .

I tried to follow up with the link below nothing changes

Above is the output on booting the latest upgrade

Please try boot with advanced boot option and boot with older kernel version.

Old kernel does work perfect

So please boot and use old kernel. We are testing the newer version (which should have patch fix).

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