Keyboard not working on Parrot 5.14.9

Good days, my keyboard is not working on the login page, I even tried it on my terminal and it doesn’t work too. So when I go back to a snapshot I saved 2 days ago, the keyboard is working alright. Is there anything I should check? I did not tweak around the settings or directory if you wondered, Also after I saved the snapshot that day, I didn’t turn on my VM until today. This issue happens a few times and sometimes it just works perfectly after rebooting it a few times.

Thank you.

If numbers then check the number lock
Or maybe Bluetooth connectivity if it’s wireless

And virtual box won’t let you drag out cursor out of its window, the same way if u were using other applications it might not take keyboard input, maybe click once more on it and try.
Also check virtual forum if anybody else had same issues

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