kismet running cpu at 100%

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PRETTY_NAME=“Parrot GNU/Linux 4.10”
NAME=“Parrot GNU/Linux”

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    Copy output here Linux parrot 5.7.0-2parrot2-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.7.10-1parrot2 (2020-07-31) x86_64 GNU/Linux

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Version: 4.10
Desktop Environment: Mate
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After the most recent update one of my CPU cores is running at 100% constantly and
the culprit is obviously KISMET. I have tried looking for ways of disabling it but have found
only installation and launching info. My attempts at disabling it or more specifically the
kismet --no-ncurses-wrapper in the terminal don’t work. Also worth mentioning that I did not
at any point alter any settings or config file for KISMET on my own. Also can’t figure out how to
disable KISMET at startup and then deal with config issues as I don’t want to melt down my CPU
while tinkering with this problem. Any help would be much
appreciated as obviously this makes Parrot pretty unusable.

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On my initial post I had booted into an alternate kernel to see if that fixed the problem, it obviously
didn’t. The current updated kernel is:

Linux parrot 5.8.0-1parrot1-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.8.7-1parrot1 (2020-09-14) x86_64 GNU/Linux

although it really doesn’t matter. Also, here is the intended screenshot from above:

The mistake I was making was trying to type in

kismet --no-console-wrapper (trying to issue commands directly to kismet)
and getting a basic ‘NO’ response from the system while trying to shut it down that
way. because I was stressed about one of the cores running at 100% I managed to
forget about something as simple as ‘systemctl stop kismet’ as a command that absolutely
does kill it. That’s partially good news. The bad news is that today’s update (to kismet) didn’t change
anything and if I want to run Parrot it won’t have kismet running until I can figure out what
ridiculous thing happened. I’m also going to have to evaluate my level of concern for this.
I stopped using Parrot as a daily driver back in early April after an update caused massive problems
on a laptop it was installed on. I installed a different Linux distro on it and haven’t had issues
since. So Parrot only exists on one secondary HDD on a desktop computer in a spare bedroom.
I’ve asked 4, maybe 5 questions in one year of using Parrot on this forum and never had any
response of any kind, so I do know that I’m talking to myself here. But just typing this is helping
me think more objectively about what I’m doing with the computers I have and what needs to
change. At least I now have the option of looking through .conf files and logs and whatnot without
damaging my processor (or shortening the life of it dramatically). BTW-- I’m in no way fishing for
a response by typing what I did above; the silence is cathartic and beneficial at this point. Not
complaining at all.

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