Korean language input not working

Running Parrot Security 4.6

The keyboard preferences’ language and keyboard input selections for Korean only show a modified US keyboard with only English letters. Other non Roman alphabet languages like Laotian, Thai, Kyrgyzstani, Hebrew seem to be working fine. Korean and Japanese do not. I found this issue mentioned earlier this year in a ‘closed’ post (link below). I will follow the advice mentioned there. I am submitting this post as an FYI that this continues to be an issue.


Hi @alexiscc , i hope find for you a solution , try method 3 to this topic and come back to say if it’s working : https://www.wikihow.com/Type-in-Korean-on-a-Computer

I tried method 3 and successfully installed ibus and the Korean packages. Ibus says I’m in Korean mode and it shows the active Korean language logo, but nothing has changed. It’s very strange, especially considering Hebrew, and Arabic, Thai, and Malay all work right out of the box (without the extra ibus installation step).
Thank you for your help. I will post again if I find a fix that works.

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