Krusader file manager

hi, I found an interesting file manager I like to try out, but I have problems setting it up. one of the things is to setup an external terminal, can anybody tell me where I am supposed to find mate terminal and also an editor. It seems like krusader don’t have an internal terminal and editor so I need to set it up. I think the development of krusader is stoped, but I wanted to use it as it felt like a manager I found usefull compared to others wich i(maybe because I’m new and don’t know how to get around with caja or other to do what I want.

Any program (executable) normalluy installed to the system can be found in /bin (binary) or /sbin (system binary) directories. Any editor is any program for processing, viewing, or editing text. Nano, gedit, vi, kate, geany, etc. are all editors.

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Thanks Muroga, It’s now all sett up.I found som of the programs in /bin and some in /sbin, yeh it’s alot of learning. I should have some constucted tutoring about linux system. thanks…

the apropos command is your friend here, friend :slight_smile:

for example to find terminal emulators installed/commands with descriptions try:

apropos terminal

for the editors you need to find try:

apropos editor

Then move on to reading the man pages for more detailed info on each. From here you can learn the whole system to find what you need.


Using the man command has helped me a bunch of times. Most of the tools in the terminal will even have examples in the man pages (which is awesome). I have never had any formal training in Linux, but youtube, forums, man command, and the Linux Bible (which you can find on amazon) have been a huge help in learning Linux. I’m no developer but I am getting better. :bulb: