Language input support.

Parrot Version: 4.5.1

I am currently facing issues with configuration for multiple language inputs. However, language support which can be found in other Mate distros cannot be found within the control center. iBus does not seem to work either. Do need help in the relevant steps needed to add another language input. Specifically, Chinese and Korean input methods.

In the ‘Control Center’ under hardware you can select ‘Keyboard’. That will open keyboard preferences, where you can add other layouts.

Or if you cant find it there, just search ‘Keyboard’ in the menu.

Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t keyboard layout just change the layout and not the input method. Like when I want to type chinese characters, it does not show up as PinYin but english characters.

Im not sure i know what you mean. I dont understand Chinese, but when i change keyboard layout the letters go all squiggly.

It will preview the keyboard for you, so you should be able to see if its correct.

That is weird because it is still not showing up for me. Do you have any additional packages installed by any chance?

I doubt i would have added any other language packages.

Make sure you assign a key to switch layouts. If you click ‘Options’ and then scroll down to ‘Switching to another layout’ and assign a key combo.

Indeed, the layout has been switched yet it is still typing out in english alphabets.

Is it just the Chinese layout or is it the same for all other layouts?

Well, the Korean and Japanese ones are not working either.

Depending on what variant i choose, some of mine dont seem to change much either. But as i dont speak any, i have no idea if they are right or wrong. Although our keyboard layouts are probably consistent across the majority of linux distributions.

I know there are different input engines you could look at like ‘ibus’ and ‘fcitx’. They might provide the functionality you are looking for. Otherwise, somebody who uses those languages should be able to answer better.

It doesn’t seem to work. Did a re-installation of iBus and managed to get it working. Just a tip that a restart might be needed.


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