Latest Erland and Elixir?

Using latest ParrotOS and I need to use latest Erlang + Elixir but the standard repos gives me a pretty old Erlang with an Elixir not compatible with Phoenix.

If I download this package
wget it sets dist to ara that is not available. I can change that to Bullseye but then I don’t get the latest Erland + Elixir at all. If i set the dist to Stretch I do get the latest Erlang + Elixir but then I can only install full esl-erlang and not the front erlang and so on.

Any suggestions of how to solve this in the correct way?
If possible, can the packages in Parrot repo be updated to always use the latest Erlang + Elixir? Switching between Windows (that always have the latest Erlang + Elixir) and ParrotOS that always have an old is a real PIA at the moment.

Did you try this?

I use this for now

But since Erlang still is in the default sources I have to use esl-erlang package that is the full version with no option to cherry pick packages.

Since Erlang Solutions have a ready made source it’s weird that Parrot doesn’t use them by default. That would save alot of trouble when you need to keep the same version on Windows and Linux…

If you install their
You need to change dist to bionic or stretch to get latest Erlang and Elixir. It defaults to ara dist that does not exists.

Yo. Use asdf to install/manage Erlang/Elixir