Learn parrot OS

Iam searching to learn parrot OS. I just want to build my career in Ethical Hacking and cybersecurity… I’m a doing my degree now…I searched in internet there is no course for parrot OS. I want to learn it from scratch… So could u help me with any course videos websites

There is no such thing “Learn Parrot OS”. You can learn:

  • How to use Linux from beginner level to advanced level
  • How to find vulnerablities
  • Understand how computer work

https://opensecuritytraining.info/Training.html is a good place for everything

try not to rely on videos, learn to read because videos usually doesn’t give you the exact details, you can try a game called bandit in a website called overthewire (under wargames category) to start learning basics, but you should be ready because the game sould just be a motive to push you to search and you will (if you decide to play) need to search a LOT
oh I forgot, you will need to learn some networking before hacking (this game may help but don’t rely on a single source)

Try hack the box! Oh, and lern from Null Byte too! He’s good at teaching wifi hacking.

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@george_jacob , you may try any of these introductory level Parrot lessons:

  1. App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.khalnayak.parrotosvulnerabilityanalysisinlinux

  2. Course: https://www.udemy.com/course/parrot-security-os-linux-cyber-security/

I do it my way… looking for free video (playlists) and webpage/PDF tutorials.


And attempt using each tool I’m focused on (live or VM) by doing additional queries, say for nmap: