Left click sometimes not working

Parrot home 4.3 64bit

from time to time, my left mouse button stops reacting (tried with various Logitech mice), while right button is still working
i’m not able to replicate it, it just happened from time to time, no matter the app or things i’m doing

the only way i discover to fix it is - go to text more CTRL+ALT+F1 and back to graphical ALT+left then the mouse starts to work again

i have this problem for some months, but seen it as my problem, however it’s still present on new installation (another hdd)

it’s not a big deal, just a nuisance, but still

Have you checked the usb output logs? Maybe you need a driver added or updated. Maybe you dont have enough memory

didn’t see anything in logs (daemon.log syslog messages) - but i’ve might ommited log or place where to look for some info, if so then please tell me where to look
driver? what driver - it’s working for hours/days and then it stops reacting for my left mouse button (and no matter which mouse do i use, or if it’s on USB or BT)
i guess 32GB ram should be enough

Old post, but did you ever find a resolution? I am having a similar problem.

unfortunatelly no
my workaround was to get to console (ALT CTRL F1) and back to graphical interface

Wish I wasn’t having the same problem but I am…any solutions yet?

I had similar problem today, i couldn’t move window, but i could click things inside. Strange bug. Also alt+tab didn’t work and window stayed in foreground! It was clean system stable home version…

it is a random bug of mate (dont know about xfce or kde). .xsessionerror has that bug log.

After a week using my fresh install of Parrotsec 5 I started having the same issue. Any clues on how to fix it?