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I recently acquired a 11.6 lenovo 2in1 laptop. It’s an older Yoga 2. I was wondering if Parrot OS has any support for switching between tablet and pc mode like windows 10 or is there any way to adjust the touchscreen settings easily? It’s not a necessity but it would be cool to get that functionality back if possible.
Parrot 4.7 64-bit / Linux 5.2.0 -2parrot1-amd64 x86_64/ MATE 1.22.1

Debian Standard Installation - not configured to multiboot

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What I would suggest is researching your exact Yoga model including “Debian” as a quoted search term. There is much documentation/discussion on hardware issues for Debian users (obviously Debian has been around), and anything doable on Debian can also be done on Parrot (since they run the same underlying system). Parrot is based off of Debian. Just be careful making major changes as it may be hard to fix your system if you do something not recommended :wink:

Hopefully someone who has a Yoga laptop can share their experiences on Parrot. Was everything automatically detected for you? What difficulties did you find?

I would explore the System -> Preferences -> Hardware section of Parrot. See what options you may have that us standard keyboard users may not be seeing. Would love to hear about what you have found usable so far.

And welcome to the forum Jae. Any other questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. The installation process went smoothly and so far I’ve encountered zero issues; there is basic touchscreen support for Parrot because I can still use the touchscreen, where there was a scroll function by just sliding my finger on the screen it just highlights text. I can select and open links too but that’s about it. I think basically what’s missing is more so gesture functions rather than touhscreen support. I found Touchegg, which makes it possible to configure trackpad gestures but I can’t find a conclusive answer as to whether it’s supported on Parrot. I looked into installing it but without knowing how compatible the dependencies for it are with this OS I think more research should be done first.

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Have you played around with synclient command?

Take a look at output of this command:
man 4 synaptics

for a list of options

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That actually helps a lot. I’ll play around with this Synaptics tool to see if I can implement a more intuitive touchscreen experience. Thanks!

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Have you tried KDE? IIRC, some of the Lenovo 2in1s have wacom touch ability, and I just searched and saw KDE offers drivers for it. Might work?

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I haven’t tried KDE. I wasn’t a big fan initially looking at the desktop ui but it’s worth checking out if it has drivers that align the touch functionality more with what I got used to on win10. Much appreciated mayng.

For the record the KDE offers a GUI utility, the wacom drivers were installed by default.

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