Lightdm login screen changes

Using the lastest version of Parrot Security 64bit (as of 5/16/2018) full installation on a Dell laptop. No multiboot or anything special.

All is working great and I have used ParSec for awhile now and love it, having switched from Kali. However, I really want to change the background on the login screen and am having troubles getting it to be recognized.

I add the image.jpg to the lightdm folder in /etc/lightdm/ that I want to use (8bit, 256 color depth). This is exactly as all tutorials I have found say to do. Once I reboot I should see the new background on the login screen but I still see that aweful blue cubed background.

I was able to change the (grub) boot screen background image without any issues, but the login screen background is giving me problems. Any help and advice is welcome. If you need any additional information from me please feel free to ask and I will do my best to provide that info. (first time posting here)

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions! =)


Import your favorite wallpaper at folder.
$ cp /…/…/your_wallpaper.jpg /etc/ligthdm/

Copy wallpaper.jpg in other file.
$ cp wallpaper.jpg wallpaper2.jpg

Move your wallpaper in the base file.
$ mv your_wallpaper.jpg wallpaper.jpg

Delete old wallpaper.
$ rm wallpaper2.jpg

And normaly now it’s good :slight_smile:

With sudo or change permissions at folder.

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I was doing that exactly, my mistake was I needed to be sure the image format was 8 bit 256 colors only. Thanks for the help.

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Has this changed in 4.9? … ls -al shows no images in /etc/lightdm/

the slick.conf there shows its using usr/share/backgrounds/login.jpg

I tried replacing that file (usr/share/backgrounds/login.jog
putting an image as wallpaper.jpg in /etc/lightdm/ and neither are changing the background on reboot. (the password screen for the encrypted persistence)

Gimp is showing my image as RGB Color 8-bit gamma integer, I used the Image>Mode>Indexed tools there set to max 256 colors … so should be correct?

I’m trying to change the ANIMATION screen …

which I found at /usr/share/plymouth/themes/parrot/

I changed the background successfully … (ie: when I log-out after changing, I see the new custom background) … but on the next boot at login to enter my encryption password, it’s still the old graphic …


had the same issue…
Found a solution, you need to do
plymouth-set-default-theme → see which theme is active (defualt shoulb be parrot)
plymouth-set-default-theme -R parrot (or what you got above)
and then restart your computer to see the difference.
Reference :

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