Lightworks & Flowblade vs cmake

Parrot Security 4.1


I can’t install Lightworks or Flowblade w/o removing cmake, which depends on libcurl4. Lightworks & Flowblade depend on libcurl3. There are clearly several solutions. I’m not part of your dev team; so I don’t know which one(s) are the most elegant or attractive. You could offer LW & FB in a flatpak or an appimage, or you could do the same for cmake, etc. I code on the same box; and I need cmake. I can’t live w/o it.

I really really really want to install LW.

Thanks, Val XOXO

Amazingly, I managed to fix this one.


I added Flatpak support, gnome-software in synaptic, then I added Flowblade as a Flatpak.


The lovely gentleman at Lightworks Forum offered this advice.

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Message :

The latest 14.5 release candidate has no libcurl dependency so you should be able to use it without any problem in future

Happy to say it installs lie a dream and works like a charm!