Linux-Headers-amd64 -- broken upgrade, dependencies

1. Your Parrot information

  • OS version: run cat /etc/*release

PRETTY_NAME=“Parrot GNU/Linux 4.10”
NAME=“Parrot GNU/Linux”

  •   ```
  • Kernel version: run uname -a

Linux parrot 5.9.0-2parrot1-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.9.6-2parrot1 (2020-11-17) x86_64 GNU/Linux

*Or if you can't do it, please tell us ISO version you downloaded.*

* 4.10 Security Mate ISO to USB *

Version: 4.0
Desktop Environment: Mate
Edition: Security

2. If you have this problem after fresh installation:

  1. How did you create USB bootable?


  1. How did you install OS?
    - GTK

3. If your hardware doesn’t work: wifi doesn’t show, graphic issue:

Hardware information

- Your device name or output of `lspci`
   *5 + year old PC made with acquired parts over time.  64x*

- Did you try searching info about this issue on search engine? Please write **No** or any URL to this issue bellow

Yes. I think it has to do with the missing GPG keys for the repos today. I did a fresh install today, but I couldn’t update due to it. I’ve been dealing with this for hours.

4. How did you get this error? Are there any steps to procedure it?

*Fresh install of Parrot OS today (not first time, been using for 2 years+) and I couldn’t update properly. *

5. Error log or screenshot

** Insert error log and screenshot here**

6. If you have any idea or suggestion about this issue please tell us

** Your information **

If you are having suggestion for our OS, please write it bellow

1. Current Parrot version and Parrot version you want it has

2. Its section and how it affects our system

  • Pentesting / Forensic / Malware hunting / Privacy protection / …
  • It is: AppArmor profile / software / system service / kernel module…
  • when user runs this / start that, it can do…

3. Any other information about this idea

I can’t run virtualbox, qemu, or anything else. I keep getting requests to install virtualbox-dkms, which is, and also Linux-Headers-amd64. I also can’t install the parrot amd64 files (

is tor running? turn it off you dont even need it enabled via systemctl for anonsurf to work,it actually breaks it
try apt update --fix-missing
try apt --list-held(or broken)
if you use some of the older python tools ,theres a lot of them.check python version,they may need ported to python3.9 and are holding up the world from being able to update,

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