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Hello everyone!
I hope my question is suitable for this topic as I am completely new to this community. And I am also new to Parrot OS! I use it with VirtualBox. I’ve been recently learning some beginner commands but decided to jumoo to handling packages…and I didn’t handle them very well :grinning: So I what I first did was sudo apt-get update to update my database and see what packages I need to upgrade. I haven’t installed anything so far. I saw that I have a few packages and some of them needed to be upgraded. Okay. I started to upgrade them with sudo apt-get upgrade I got that displayed on my terminal:

apt upgrade is unsafe on rolling release distributions.

using apt full-upgrade instead

use apt upgrade --force to override
The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:

After that the displayed message was:

1717 upgraded, 245 newly installed, 9 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

I never knew it would use apt full-upgrade instead of just upgrade and maybe this is my fault. But I decided to give it a go and I regretted it afterwards as it was taking immense amount of time, it prompted me with messages whether I should do this and that automatically, give permissions to non-root users, etc. I didn’t know anything about these so I decided to abort the installation. I know this is probably the worst I could do but I did it. Some of the packages were affected.
My question is, I’m pretty sure that this kinda broke something in the OS, but I still haven’t encountered it. Is there any way to troubleshoot the whole OS and see what’s broken and needed to be fixed. I can just reinstall the OS but this is probably the easier way and I want to clean up the mess and learn from this. It was a lesson, I’m not gonna lie.
Thanks to everyone who can explain me and give me advice on whether such troubleshooting is possible. If not, what the other options are. Cheers! :tada:

Uh oh. Someone didn’t read the docs :frowning:

Always use parrot-upgrade command for the safest way to upgrade your packages. Read more here:

On the bright side, I find I learn the most when I break something :wink:


Thank you a lot! I will read the documentation. I found out Parrot OS is a specific distribution so I have to be careful with common commands.

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