Linux Security Hardening Ehancement

You care about security , we care about it too wink wink

So what your thoughts on these projects:

What do you think about Linux Kernel Runtime Guard (LKRG)?

security-misc, a package which tweaks all the Linux security settings (KSPP).


LKRG has some good feedback. Thanks for sharing it :slightly_smiling_face:

I couldn’t open the Whonix link because I’m at work. But I was able to get to github and read through the readme there. It seems like it prevents access to anything that may be vulnerable to attack. This seems counterproductive to Linux as it’s opensource and many users like the fact that they can control all the files, processes, and configurations. So I guess the real question is how far does one go to secure their system while still maintaining the freedom and usability of the soft/hardware?

Also this reminds me of a recent issue I had at work with some HP laptops with their HP Surestart which tests the integrity of the OS from the factory versus what it’s trying to start now. Problem is, we have to reimage them. And then they wouldn’t start. Had to go into bios and disable all the HP Surestart crap.


Using LKRG on a Debian host operating system and it doesn’t restrict any freedom / functionality that I am using.

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