Live usb with persistence process

Hello there!
I am new here. Recently Parrot started to interest more and more.
But I am having problems along my way.
The thing is i cannot make a live usb with persistence.I did everything as it was stated by the tutorial on this official site. I was able to write the hybridiso image with both dd and Etcher both after i have no free space in gparted to make the persistent partition. All my usb drives space is hybridiso and cannot see the used neither the free space.So definitely there is no unpartitioned space after the parrot iso. The whole drive is used and both write methods gave me the same thing.
Oh and of course i checked the the hashes of the iso, it is healthy for sure.
Thank you in advance for your help

I have always had trouble with persistence setup on USB devices. The best way I have found is to partition a large USB with an install partition and an OS partition or use two external storage devices

Turn secure boot off.

Proceed to install as normal until you get to partitioning.

Manually partition your OS partition into two separate partitions. One ~512mb, the other the rest of the space on your OS partition. No LVM, no encryption.

Mark the first small partition as boot and the second larger partition as root. After proceeding you get the swap warning, don’t want swap.

At the end of the install it MIGHT ask where you want grub installed. Install it on the 512/smaller portion.

This is the most consistent way I have found, unfortunately it’s not as easy as 10 years ago before UEFI Security became hip. Might take some tweaking.



I have the same problem. gparted shows me one big (and grey) partition ISO9660 and the only one thing what I can do is to formatted this. I found that in MiniTool Partition Wizard in Windows 10 I see that Parrot partition has 3.7 GB and rest is free. I can even make ext4 partition but persistence mode still doesn’t work. Parrot is looking for file persistence.conf in /dev/sda3 (where sda is my W10 drive)

mount: mounting /dev/sda3 on /run/live/persistance/sda3 failed: No such device

If using the method I mentioned above, you’ll have to partition and format THEN write your ISO to the partition you’re installing from.

If you’re using a single 32gb USB stick you would partition as follows:

P1-Install partition~6gb


Partition your flash drive as such, write your ISO to P1. Boot from P1, when asked where/how you want to install; flag ”P2,1” as boot and ”P2,2” as root. No LVM, no encryption. Proceed with install. At the end if it asks where you want grub, install it to ”P2,1”. After installation, restart, boot from ”P2”.


As I understand you wrote about installation on USB like on normal HDD/SSD but I prefer to stay with live + persistence and here it doesn’t work as it should :slight_smile:

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Fair enough! Wish UEFI and secure boot weren’t such a bear with persistence booting :grimacing:


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