loading with nvidia

Hello everybody! I have been using Security KDE with Nvidia card for a long time and I am very grateful to the developers! Today it was upgrated, boot options with nvidia off were gone. There is only one option left - the black screen is loading. Please tell me how to fix it.

Someone tell me? How to return the old menu Grub with the item Nvidia off?
I only installed the driver from the official site and everything worked fine, upgraded today and not loaded

are you able to get into recovery mode?

Thank you for your interest, I found a way to boot … parrot-upgrade and a menu appeared

little Explanation on this
whenever there is a New Kernel Update is available the OS Disables additional/manual options and resets the kernel to Default/Original so the system can build and install the new kernel.
*i assume that those are disabled to avoid Duplicate entries in Kernel/Grub

in this case just update the system first and it should be back again
(*according to My Experience)

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