Logical Volume manager in install


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i386 - 4.3

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NO root filesystem

No root filesystem defined

Installation error - Created VG and lv’s but cannot see where the filesystems are created and attached to lv, when choosing finish partitioning and write to disc get above error.

Have executed a shell and created the filesystems manually but the install does not recognise this and same message.

I do not want to use the limited options provided in the default schemas.

creating a vg using a ssd drive.

(Nico Paul) #2

Try with the 4.4 installer iso; what are you wanting to setup (btrfs, lvm lvm-crypto etc.)?


Hi Nico

Trying to set up encrypted lvm but cannot seem to assign filesystems to them, will try 4.4 as I have another problem with the display when booting into mate.

(Nico Paul) #4

sorry I didnt see this otherwise I would have replied a lot sooner! you must use manual partitioning and select the partition you want to change the file format of