Looking for Android Rat

Hi guys which one remote access tool you could recommend to control android 10/11/12? With Gui Free/Paid. At this moment I test Ahmyth rat from github, but there is no lots of options to control android and it’s little buggy as I tested on my two mobiles. Maybe you guys know some good ra/tools which are interesting and I could check.



You may like to have a look at these open-source RAT packages:


I tried three of them actually I am in testing Fatrat which is litllebit long not updated. Ahmyth are good but have weak options and not all working. [Rafel Rat] It’s buggy, as well many otpions does now work.
I found this one best android hacking rat in 2022 || support all android version 10/11/12 android rat - YouTube (EDIT YES it’s scam, don’t buy)
Which have options like copy code from google auth but I think seller could be a scammer as I see his group on telegream has mark SCAM next to his name.


Yes, all options may not work - you may need to customize these repos to get these functional.
You may try these, although no guarantee of working properly, I’m trying to help you:


Appreciate your help :slight_smile: Will check for sure SpyNote!:slight_smile: Btw I found this one and it’s work good as for now, till Android 10! GitHub - qH0sT/AndroSpy: An Android RAT that written in C# by me. To be honest I need something which work android 11 + I can even pay for it :slight_smile:


I’m glad you found one!

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I installed the TheRatFat but I heven’t any generated file in output. Why? Doesn’t work?

@bite-sized-privilege , the package that you mentioned (FatRat) isn’t part of Parrot Security by default . You may check their documentation for better understanding on how to make that work .