looking for the holy grail of pdfs to educate oneself

Hey folks, Paulie looking a few good pdfs books online that are very indeatph with the tools and there functions. Looking to expand my horizons of knowledge while i learn to code. Lot i find our outdated and not very informal as it shares very little. Thanks for the suggestions in advance.

Hi Chris,

I used a web-crawler to download the Kali Linux Tools documentation. I’ll probably find a way to convert to an indexed PDF.

I also reference the Blackarch Tools website.


Parrot has some PDF “Open Books” here:


Kali has also provided a free PDF book recently updated.

I’m assuming you know Linux already. Not sure what computer programming language you wish to pursue (I’m going with Python).

Learn through failure.

Break it till you make it.

,pdf’s help but we all know that reflex memory comes from trial and error. No one can walk before they crawl.

Something a bit more advanced https://tuts4you.com/

Contains the ‘holy grail’ of debugging/RCE (reverse code engineering)/learning assy., and more. The ‘dark arts’ involved in ‘cracking’ and actually creating exploits instead of script kiddie stuff. Has interactive tutorials (to do is to learn)

Your also going to want to go to the holiest of holy grail of all - post secondary education / learning object oriented programming languages such as python/java (I prefer python as a starting point)

THANK YOU for the the link.


There are few PDFs here, hope they’ll be useful: http://index-of.co.uk/

There are many things about cybersec but you’ll find many topics like dev or AI.