Looking for tool to change browser user agent and device

I’m looking for a tool that could change my os and browser user agent so if someone was to scan for me on the network it would identify me as a windows or android device this might not exist but i was just curious, also well done parrot ive been loving parrot os for the past 6 months :blush:

Not sure what types of scanning you mean on the browser end.

For changing browser/user agent over websites:

People cannot scan networks to find your browser. Only websites you connect to see your browser user agent. You can use a Firefox plugin for this one: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/uaswitcher/

On changing devices on a network to appear as iPhone, Android that appear to be on a network, there are multiple options out there.

You could try macchanger command. There is an extensive man page for it.

Another option for changing what your device appears as when your LAN/network is scanned (using for example nmap or wireshark) is a tool I made called wipri. It has a few settings and all mac changes (except -m if you don’t specify it) use valid OUI’s (as one documented way to narrow down true mac addresses is to cancel out invalid OUI’s; and some recent firmware on cards will not change to invalid OUI mac addresses; wipri protects against that by using real, valid OUI’s) [change wlan0 to your device name for below]:

wipri -d wlan0 -m MAChere changes to a mac address of your choice and holds it (checking to make sure firmware doesn’t crash it back to original as sometimes happens with other options).

wipri -d wlan0 -r changes your device to continually changing randomized mac addresses (valid OUI) at randomly changing times

wipri -d wlan0 -i changes to a single randomly generated (using valid OUI) random mac address identity and holds it (checking every 20sec by default to make sure it doesn’t leak/firmware reset).

(This setting recommended for non GUI unless you really know what you are doing) Adding -h adds changing to a randomized hostname using a randomly chosen generic base with a randomized ending (ie: My-iPhone, PC-23452, Computer-63345 as examples of possible generated hostnames)

-H restores to previous hostname.

Adding -s adds an experimental feature txpower variation. This changes your devices txpower (without disconnecting unless far away) This can make a device appear to be moving to certain (not all) types of trackers using signal strength to track movements near a network/Dept store for ex.

(This setting recommended for non GUI unless you really know what you are doing) wipri -d wlan0 -a combines above options: continually changing randomized mac addresses at continually changing times/addresses, simultaneously on each of those changes also changes signal/txpower level and hostname.

You can find it at https://github.com/righttoprivacy/wipri. There is an install.sh script that gives you the added option of adding as a command, or command + starting it at boot (default setting for systemd is a new mac address identity at every boot to be held until next power off changes it; you can change this).

I have an Apple OUI list for it as well if you need it and going to add Android setting (to help blend in better with phones everywhere).

Hope it’s helpful :slight_smile:


thank you for this information it was exactly what i was looking for :smiley:

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You are welcome! :slight_smile: