Love the new wallpaper and login screen!

Just though I’d share what I think about the ‘macaw-poly 2’ wallpaper and the new login background. I love the blue hue it has. Thanks for the updated graphics. :slight_smile:


You are very welcome! more changes are on the way!


That’s great to read! I also say that I like that you guys keep the old wallpapers somewhere in the ISO, gives people more choices in live mode. Sorry for the random post, I just thought you guys deserve more thanks instead of people complaining “X does not work with Y”. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: thanks man, we appreciate that. I’ll check on the wallpapers.

I am still figuring out who created that wallpapers to give a big THANK but i have no luck LoL. I got stunned because new loading screen is awesome.
P/s: if you use xfce4 with 2 monitors you will get surprised :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed I like the design changes that parrot team is making, after the switch from kali i never could go back. Its nice to see they’re still improving.


How can i access differnt wallpaper?

if you mean inside the os? few ways:
right-pad click on desktop > change desktop background or appearance in main settings (found in menu).

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wallpaper made by federica marasà


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