Mac Book Pro - Battery only charge to 84%

I’m running Parrot on my Mac Book Pro. I have deleted MacOS and installed Parrot

When charge my laptop, the battery says 84% when it stops charging. I guess it is fully charged anyway, but is it possible to adjust the battery when it is fully charged, so that it shows 100% ?

My version - 5.4.0-2parrot1-amd64

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For laptop battery health, it is best to never let it go under 40% battery (to keep battery health optimal). If you let your battery run down too often it can damage the health of your battery.

You could try this and see if it charges further:

  • unplug charger.

  • disconnect battery from laptop (also disconnect the tiny wire clip to completely disconnect if it applies to your model).

  • hold power button down 15seconds.

  • reconnect battery to laptop.

  • plug up to charger.

  • Leave off for a day.

  • Turn back on laptop to check battery charge status.

If you have damaged your battery life there may not be a way to fix.

How old is your laptop battery? Is it still under warranty?

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It will be because your battery is at 84% of its factory capacity. A batteries “health” will deteriorate over time, and therefore wont be able to hold the full charge from when they were new.

I have one at home that will only charge to 12% :cry:

You should be able to see more details reading this file or using the acpi command

cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/info

I don’t think my laptop battery has a problem. I think that it is how Parrot looks at my battery when it is fully charged, that is the problem.

When I had MacOS installed on my laptop, it showed 100% when fully charged. When I installed Parrot on my Laptop, it shows 84% right from the beginning.

I’ll take a look at the line you sent. Thanks.

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