Mac changing / Root Terminal

Hello, I wanted to ask hod do you change Mac Adress on Parrot OS?
Ipconfig command not found.
Also, when I open the terminal and use sudo command, it asks me for password, I enter my root password, but it says its incorrect do I have to use root terminal then?

You can do this numerous ways:

Parrot comes with the macchanger command. That will let you change to random/specific mac address anytime you like. To learn how to use macchanger issue:

sudo macchanger --help

You can also set Network Manager to set random mac in settings (warnign: sometimes this resets back to real mac)

If you want something that continually randomizes your mac at continually changing times/changing mac addresses, I wrote a script for that too (also allows you to mimic iphone/other mac changing settings: I incorporated the continually changing times/mac addresses into an anonsurf fork if you want to check that out:

Any of these options allow you to change your MAC address on Parrot. As I mentioned earlier the Parrot system comes with the macchanger command.

Let us know if you need anymore help :slight_smile:


macchanger – random, it asks me for device, what device.
When, I tried the first one, I got access denied, when trying to move to maccleaner.

Go learn some fking basic for fk sake. Stop doing i iNsTaLlEd pArRoT hOw tO hAcK this is not the place for skid.

you need to move the to /usr/share/maccleaner directory as root or use sudo command. I just updated the old thread for you to make it more current:

That should explain everything for you as far as using it.

Will be adding device detection option to maccleaner script sometime (for the hell of it, since it has been added it to the anonsurf fork)…

but you really should get to know your system at the basic level/learn how to find basic stuff on Linux before bothering to do network changes etc. Otherwise you may run into a lot of problems if you don’t know what you are doing changing devices. Just a word of friendly advice.

Google would tell you how to find network device but also issue:

iw dev | grep 'Interface'

should list your network interface (wlan0 is common).

Then if say your device is wlan0 you could use either maccleaner (instructions are printed when you run it) or the macchanger command like this:

macchanger -r wlan0

for one time random mac address… But that is as far as I will go as far as instructions for it. For macchanger --help will give you more info.

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Thanks for info, but how do I move it as root?

I want to encourage learning more about Linux before you go messing around with command line root/changing network device settings. We suggest users never login in as root but instead use the sudo command to prevent potential mistakes.

To answer your question:

Click the post “Change MAC Address Random Intervals: Script” in my above reply. I just edited the steps to include the answer to your question. Follow the steps in order.

These are very basic linux concepts that can be found on google/duckduckgo. I want to avoid turning this thread into an introduction to linux/flooded with basic commands.

(Forum Rules include: “Search google before asking”)

Closing this thread as the original basic question has been answered multiple ways and I don’t want to see it drag on with basic command questions. If you have a question about the script itself you can send a pm or reply on the thread if you think the question may help other users