Make a python script run in Terminal?

Wondering how can i run a script i installed which is called BillCipher and it says to run it the commend is python3 but the terminal gives me a error saying python3: cant open file ‘’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory, Now i did type sudo then the command but still gives me the same error. Somebody told me that id have to put it in bin in order for the terminal to recognize the script and open it ,because i have the directory of the file to my desktop. Can anyone lead me how to get it to open in the terminal by giving me specific instructions? Id appreciate any help Thank you :smiley:

Did you execute the command in the same directory where the file is located?

how does one do that exactly? Sorry im a beginner just learning here.

First, you identify your current working directory with pwd

Then you change your working directory accordingly with cd

You seem to be very new indeed. I should warn you that incorrect use of the tools in Parrot OS may cause you to end up with criminal charges. Be sure you know exactly what you’re doing.

May I suggest that you learn some Linux basics before you procceed with the more advanced stuff? Don’t try to sprint if you can’t stand up yet :wink:. I’m willing to guide you to a good starting point if you’d wish.

Yes im very new haha i even had trouble trying to get what u said but figured it out Thank you for the help :slight_smile: and yes i would love to be guided im not using this script to harm others just using this script to see whats on my network traffic for educational purposes into the path of learning the functionalitys of parrot :smile: now i learned how to open scripts from desktop wooo!

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Don’t worry too much about my warning, I always give a warning to newcomers. You may also mark this thread as solved then, so it closes automatically. Hit the ceckbox in my previous reply to mark the thread as solved.

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