Manually Install of .deb file

I read faq, and forum terms
As i see that offtopic not much acceptable
But i have Question which i wanted to ask
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When when i download deb file , i need to use Gdebi
Installer , i wanted to know what exactly inside om it

I not able to extract deb file
I wanted to manually install it

amd not find info releted it at duck duck

Well for manually install use

 dpkg -i YourDebFile.deb 

And if You wanted to see inside files

 mkdir dptemp
 cd dptemp 

Add Your deb file here , then

ar x yourdeb.deb 

You may find

data.tar.xz/gz ( i forget because long time i not maintain deb packages)

Extract them

If gz

 tar  xfvz data.tar.gz 

if xz

 xz  -dc file.xz | tar xJvf - -C ~/dptemp/

Now you see

/sbin. /usr /bin

It mean those files you need to add in that locations


Thnks Bro​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
i reallt want this information but can you more explain
About last part

Yes i get /bin /usr /sbin and more folders

But how dpkg automated do this?

Well , it’s not parrot releted
So we talk in pm

And best is

google : debian package management
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Ohk thanks

I’m glad your problem was solved, but… what was the problem to google it by yourself?

Because first need
Right direction from experts then we Google
And able to learn fast and perfextly

If i go directly without reading this answer
I will mever know that much

Can you please make post On how to create deb file , with some info , in google i not find as much info

Hey Amzker,
I wanted to see if you can help me out. If you can and want. I’m new to all this and am having trouble downloading the program. would you be able to walk me through the steps to download the program. I’ve been to the website and tried to download it. the first time it went through but I could not open any files. so I deleted it all. tried to download it again. it said it did download but I couldn’t find it anywhere. so I’ve been trying since and now it freezes up around 94%. It just wont download anymore. I’ve been trying for two days.

What did you Downloading
Maybe server close connection after servel time
Use wget for download

Basic Deb making

You may also use builder which i created for basic purpose at

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