Manually Install of .deb file


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I read faq, and forum terms
As i see that offtopic not much acceptable
But i have Question which i wanted to ask
BTW it is not fully offtopic


When when i download deb file , i need to use Gdebi
Installer , i wanted to know what exactly inside om it

I not able to extract deb file
I wanted to manually install it

amd not find info releted it at duck duck

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #2

Well for manually install use

 dpkg -i YourDebFile.deb 

And if You wanted to see inside files

 mkdir dptemp
 cd dptemp 

Add Your deb file here , then

ar x yourdeb.deb 

You may find

data.tar.xz/gz ( i forget because long time i not maintain deb packages)

Extract them

If gz

 tar  xfvz data.tar.gz 

if xz

 xz  -dc file.xz | tar xJvf - -C ~/dptemp/

Now you see

/sbin. /usr /bin

It mean those files you need to add in that locations

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Thnks Bro​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
i reallt want this information but can you more explain
About last part

Yes i get /bin /usr /sbin and more folders

But how dpkg automated do this?

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Well , it’s not parrot releted
So we talk in pm

And best is

google : debian package management

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Ohk thanks

(vladislav) #6

I’m glad your problem was solved, but… what was the problem to google it by yourself?

(cyber thef) #7

Because first need
Right direction from experts then we Google
And able to learn fast and perfextly

If i go directly without reading this answer
I will mever know that much

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Can you please make post On how to create deb file , with some info , in google i not find as much info