Many problems with Parrot Installation

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Hello community,
So I recently decided to install parrot OS on my laptop. I previously had installed Parrot 3.0, and just decided to wipe my system clean and do a clean installation of Parrot 3.11 Security Full (I downloaded the .iso from the official link). I plugged in my USB that had Parrot 3.0 installed, formatted it, created a new primary partition with diskpart, and used Etcher (as recommended on the download page). When I went to use Etcher to write the ISO on my USB, it all went well until the end, when an error message popped up saying that Etcher found some problems and that my USB could have been corrupted. I ignored this message, and went on with the installation. However, when I went to boot the USB on my laptop, it was only going to boot in UEFI mode (secure boot is disabled in the BIOS), and this never happened to me. I thought it was probably a new thing, so I tried installing it in UEFI mode. However during the installation, I was asked if I wanted to force the installation in UEFI mode. Not knowing what it is, and not being able to find ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING on the internet, I decided to force the installation in UEFI mode based on what I had read in the pop-up message. Another strange thing is that I was not asked to install GRUB. It seemed strange at first, but I decided to carry on. When I booted in the system, it all seemed normal, until I looked at the time. I’m from Italy, but I want my system in english. So, everytime I install Parrot, I select English as my language, Italy as my country, and everytime it gives me the locale error message, so I eventually choose the option United States - en_US.UTF-8 . And, everytime I log into the computer, the time is always right cause it synchronizes with the internet services. However this time both the system time and date were completely wrong. I decided to reset them, however it just wasnt working. It wasnt even synchronizing with the internet services. Moreover, everytime is was booting up the computer, it was showing an error message saying: System Internet Time Synchronization Failed (or something like that). Not being enough, my BIOS time was also changed. I then decided to try and reinstall Parrot again. I plugged in the USB in my desktop computer, and it was split in 2 partitions, one with and efi folder in it, and another one which was unopenable. When I plugged in the USB with Parrot 3.0, however, there was only one folder called UUD (or something similar). This, once again, seemed strange, however I decided to ignore it. I proceeded with reformatting my USB using diskpart, however Etcher still gives the same problem, and the Parrot installation always has the same errors (Etcher: corrupted drive. Parrot: no GRUB installation request, screwed up time, internet time sync failed, only option to boot live USB is in UEFI mode (before there was also legacy)). What can I do to fix these issues?
Im sorry for the long post, and I hope someone will read it and help me solve these issues :smiley:

P.S. Can somebody also explain the difference between the UEFI and the other type of boot/installation?

Thank you to everyone

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I’m following your post. I am having install issues also. I was able to install Mint, but now I cant get properly burn the ISO on the USB. I did try to test out the UEFI functions and mine are specific and keep giving me these sub categories to click on. I read that UEFI is more for developers and if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t touch it. Seems like that is the only option sometimes tho. :confused:


fill out the chart that was on the page when you started your post and you will get more help:

What method did you use to install Parrot? (Debian Standard / Debian GTK / parrot-experimental)

Configured to multiboot with other systems? (yes / no)

If there are any similar issues or solutions, link to them below:

If there are any error messages or relevant logs, post them below:

Also, why are you using such an old version of parrot? I noticed you said you are using diskpart (Windows) to format your usb stick, what file system are you formatting to?

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