Hello,am new to parrot.8 months.still dont understand many things including using this forum.Anyway,my parrot mate desktop started acting funny…configurations changing without user input and lightdm not doing anthing abt it(not responding).so i removed the mate and installed xcfe…now anything inserted in usb ports is not being detected.add user feature is dead and whenever i turn on anon surf i am not able to access the web.To those who have used the kde version,how stable is it?and what can i do to have a more complete and stable desktop env?

Well, I have been using Parrot Security Mate Edition for more time period than you and I have never ever once got any type of breakage because I know what I do.
You need to consider how are you using the OS.
Using terminal, never use apt-get as it is not nice practice. It may works but it is bad practice as it may lead to system breakage. (Parrot is a rolling-distro)
Please read documentation full
Link here:
Always use sudo parrot-upgrade to upgrade the system and its packages.
Other than these, please read respective documentation while you are doing something like installation and so forth.

Mate, KDE, Xfce whichever you use, they are stable. Mate is the lightweight than KDE.

And about community, this is a wonderful community.


thank you so much.i just switched to kde version and i can tell you that parrot is best dist ever perfect!

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