Mate does not log-in after I uninstall XFCE4

Hi by mistake I uninstalled XFCE4 and now when my system boot up and my user shows I enter password, and my system does not let to log me in…I tried normal Xsession, Gnome, Mate session and XFCE but without any success. Is there any chance to restore it? How I can install XFCE4 back as I cannot log-in and I don’t have terminal…

Ctrl + alt + f1

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Boot into recovery mode boot menu

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Yes, I do Ctrl + alt + f2 and installed KDE now the question is how I can remove safely Mate, Xfce, and gnome? As I would like to stay with KDE :slight_smile:


hard to say. any DE will install it dependencies and its applications (for example, mate installs pluma but gnome installs leafpad) so it is hard to remove them all. if you are asking about only DE itself, sudo apt purge /remove is good enough for me

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Ok, so you have also four DE as I have?

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