MATE or KDE For ParrotOS Home Use? How Does One Decide?

Hello All,

The main goa is learning LINUX like I know windows and then secondary is INFOSEC, so here I am with Parrot HOME use distro for now, then in the future Security version. However not sure if I should go MATE or KDE? How does one decide which one to go with?


Make/Model: Lenovo Thinkpad x270
CPU: i5-6300u
RAM: 16gb ddr4 sodimm
SSD: 256gb Intel ssd

I guess maybe, what I am really asking is this:

I have spent the last 2 days researching MATE v/s KDE and what I got is MATE runs quicker, but KDE has kinda caught up, particularly on modern h/w.

So the question is this: For ParrotOS do the dev’s have KDE as polished as the MATE version? In other words is MATE more developed on ParrotOS than KDE?

I’d appreciate any input and advice on this.



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well MATE is lightweight than KDE
install MATE at first
then install KDE as well
and see which one fits you

good advice, thanks!

So did some more research and it seems KDE for Parrot just release about a year or so ago…

SO safe to assume KDE for Parrot is not as polished as MATE for Parrot would be?

well no
kde was launched in stable version, it is good

understood, I will try KDE since its sounds snazzier

Thanks for the input!

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