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I am new learner to Linux and parrot os. Recently, I was playing with appearance, mate tweak and look and adjusting to my preference and i messed up so I download new iso file and fresh install. I still have one problem with mate panel.

I want battery percentage in mate panel. there is no options in mate power manage or mate panel for to turn it on. we can decide when to show battery icon like when charging or always. I manually add anther battery icon which allow to show battery percentage.

however, it disappears after reboot and if I try to add another one it disappears too. But, sometime all comes back overlapped on each other. I also try to look for config file for that, but i could not able to find any helpful.

how can i fix that?

@viru i would highly suggest you to use KDE version of Parrot OS instead of MATE version, Mate version is full of bugs and crashes a lot. You don’t have to install KDE version from site because it also has bugs. Just open terminal in your mate parrot OS and type this command
sudo apt install parrot-kde
During download you will be asked to choose your default desktop manager, i don’t remember which option to choose but i remember that you will be given 2 options, choose the one which is in DOWN / choose the one which is NOT ON TOP. Then reboot your PC. Every time you start/reboot your PC you can change which desktop environment session you want, you can use MATE whenever you want but KDE is hell lot a better

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i also recommend kDE its highly customizable and it has the features OP is looking for. i also use KDE over MATE or Even GNOME

i think you’'ll enjoy KDE go into synaptic package manager and install it from there just look up KDE Desktop environment

However I don’t believe mate is filled with bugs like one user stated lol

delete the whole panel and try again without any correction. it should work fine

well it is full of bugs
sometimes panels just disappear and when you try to put them back, you would get a error. some apps in application launcher doesnt work, mate is not good for old PCs ( i3 3rd gen) it crashes a lot. mouse hangs when you close app

i faced none of these problems

i didnt have any of these issues