Mate tweak

I was trying to customize my desktop. then I found mate tweak. I’ve never seen that option before. so i was just checking what does what… when i tried to change panels to fedora and gnome… they’re not that satisfying.
so i wanted to change back to default mate panel… but I can’t find any.
how to get the default parrot panel back.?

Another noob here! Are you sure that the option isn’t there? Default for me is GNOME2. I use the darker theme, but everything is as I have always seen. Let me know if I can help any further.

I’m using gnome2 theme now…
I forgot to save customized parrot theme before using mate-tweak.
In parrot theme I could see, network, cpu and cache memory usage on panel…
now i add something on panel to see data usage cpu and process… but i like customized parrot panel…
if you change your theme into fedora and revert back to gnome 2… then the customized parrot will be gone…

I dont know about the RAM and CPU usage but if you click add to panel you can customize the panel as you want and then save it

yeah i did that, but it’s not looks like parrot customized panel. It shows everything in number. I didn’t like the interface at all.

you can download other interfaces from the repo

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I created another account as admin and deleted that account. so now i have default customized panel back. :slightly_smiling_face:

The module you’re looking for is the "System Monitor. If you right click on the top menu bar, you can click “Add to Panel”. This will open up a menu with a variety of things you can place up there! One of them being “System Monitor” :slight_smile: cheers!