Minor question about ParrotOS as a whole

So i’m into the CyberSec world as a whole in various ways, i’m in school for Networking and Security as well as Cyber Forensics and such and I am currently a SOC Analyst. I have my feet in the water with linux, been using it for about 5ish years now, I wouldn’t say i’m a noob with it but I know I still have plenty to learn about it.
My questions with Parrot is, so far from what I have messed with and tested with, can ParrotSecurity be used as a daily OS? I have it on a virtual machine and done some testing with it and so far it seems like it can be with little to no issue.
I know Parrot is supposed to be more secure as an operating system than Kali for a multitude of reasons, but I also like to mess with security and forensics tools/software. So I feel that ParrotSecurity could be what im after since it can be my daily OS to use for browsing, chatting, maybe even some gaming with steam/lutris and such, then use the tools there/that I can install without having to load up a VM or anything extra.

Yes you can use parrot as a daily OS.

Some people would recommend installing parrot home, then just installing the security tools as and when you need them. You might also find the OS has slightly faster boot times this way.

Personally i use parrot security everyday, for just about everything.


yeah you can use it as ur daily OS, because that is what i use for everything i do.

I would assume you could install the tools through apt? I knew you could use ParrotHome as a daily OS but wasn’t sure about ParrotSec. Thanks.

Yep you install them using apt. You could install them individually, or all in one go if you wanted using sudo apt install parrot-tools-full. The ‘parrot-tools-full’ meta package will basically just upgrade parrot home to parrot security.

Parrot repo’s also include several other meta packages, that can install just privacy, wireless or forensic tools. https://archive.parrotsec.org/parrot/pool/main/p/parrot-tools/

For example sudo apt install parrot-meta-wireless will install tools like aircrack-ng, airgeddon and wireshark.

Perfect! Thank you so much.

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Yes but your menu will not as clean as fresh Parrot Sec installation. There are tools create custom place in applications menu

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