'Mirror.ueb.edu.ec' host is down

Hi guys, i’ve just installed parrot sec OS and i’m loving it. But i’m having issues updating some packages

I guess that issue is because host is down.

  1. I’m reporting it.

  2. ¿Do u know a method how i can download those files from any other mirror?

Thanks a lot, and Parrot Sec OS is the best


Issue persists

Can you stop anonsurf and see if the issue persists?
sudo anonsurf stop

I’m not using anon surf, i’ll tried to use it to download that packages from another mirror and mirrors shows as not permited. I will try to reinstall parrot on vmware.

after you stop the anonsurf, once do a reboot
and that will work

if the issues is related to mirrors solely, try changing the mirror to a suitable one (near you)
full list here: https://docs.parrotlinux.org/mirror-list/

The mirror list is still having this domain name meanwhile the domain name is not found (i’m using OpennicDNS). Yes it is a problem of mirror selector. I’m forwarding to Palinuro.
Anyway there are so many mirrors are not under Parrot team’s control.

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