Missing explanation about parrot version

I need some help to understand the different versions of parrot. I go to the main page and see different editions - I’m not interested in the home version, 'cause I want to use parrot for my daily work. So, the “security edition” seems to be the “normal parrot” edition. I have some tools for pentesting, great. But ALSO there is an IoT/Cloud edition. I click “IoT and Cloud appliances” button and I can download it. BUT there is no explanation what this is exactly and where we’ve got the difference to the security edition.
About myself: I work as a cloud computing pentester, so I need to know the difference between those versions.


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Uhm… yeah. I know. But this doesn’t explain in some bullet points the actual difference. “Made for embedded devices” could mean “Well, we have c language and some arduino IDEs that’s its”, also “Cloud Environments” could be something between a single program and a whole different distribution. And “Cloud Environments” is also importent for the “Security Edition”, so again, I don’t get the real difference.

Let me explain. You are a cloud computin pentester. So you could use the “IoT and Cloud Appliances” because, well, cloud. But also you could use the “Security Edition” because of security.

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