missing packages in the repositories

Hello, I am trying to install the eddie client which requires mono-runtime and libappindicator1, the experimental version of eddie-ui avoids having libappindicator1 as a dependency, and we could install via dpkg and then run “apt --fix-broken install”, but since i updated from 4.1 to 5.0, mono-runtime is not downloadable and I verified this by running “apt-cache search mono”, which did not yield anything.
did I upgrade wrongly between versions (only changed sources.list.d/parrot) or somebody can confirm that mono is not available ?

Hi @Owein

It is available on my system.

I use eddie / airvpn, download experimental version from there site and install all runs well latest version is 2.21.5beta :slight_smile:

Okay thank you, this issue doesn’t appear anymore in Parrot 5 after a system upgrade, apt -f install will fetch the right packages.