mkdtemp failure, no space left

Hello, everone.
I met an installation failure with parrot, and I didn’t quite follow the idea through other solution.
Hope you could provide some ideas.
Thank you.

Parrot Version:
Linux Parrot 4.14.0-parrot13-amd64

The installation method was standard from VirtualBox 5.2.8

It was not configured to multiboot with other systems

The error log picture:

Which software did you use to make the USB o DVD?
What is your hard drive capacity? how much did you assign?

Hi ,gesala.Thank your for the response.

I didn’t use the software, just use the parrot image in Virtualbox directly, folllow the parrotsec docs.
The hard drive capacity is 500G, and 8G was assigned to parrot.

Ok… That doc is a bit old.
Try to assign at least 20 GB.

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Hey, Deltadave, thank you for the response.

The base memory is 1G.

I did enable the EFI in the motherboard.

The harddisk type is VDI.

I am soory, I don’t know how to check the BIOS setting.

Hi, Deltadava, apologise for this late reply.

I try to increase the ram and hdd, but it doesn’t work.

In the end I changed the parrot version from 32bit to 64, it work.

Maybe there is something related to hardware or something else.

My CPU Intel Core 2 is very old, but 64 bits works.