Monitor Mode doesn't work

Okay, I’ve been using Linux for a few days, so please don’t judge if this is a stupid question. I’m trying to use Airgeddon for a bit of Wi-Fi experimentation. I am using:
Parrot OS 4.11.1 .OVA Security/MATE
Windows as my primary OS
Panda PAU06 Network Adapter - in AG it shows up as wlx9cefd5fbe4a7 // 2.4Ghz // Chipset: Ralink Technology, Corp. RT5732
From the looks of it, I need to install a driver. My internet seems to connect fine (virtual ethernet adapter via VirtualBox).
When I set it up in monitor mode and load the handshake tools menu, then explore for targets, nothing shows up even though I am surrounded by targets. Sometimes messages pop up for a fraction of a second below the menu.

Output of lspci:

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When you explore for targets are you ending the exploration by pressing ctrl C. The process happens in the background when you start it and when you stop it say 30 seconds later with crtl C then a window pops up with the targets.

I have the exact same problem… And no, its not a matter of ending the exploration with control-C, the exploration windows just wont show any network available.

I keep rebooting and reconncting my PAU06, and more or less one each 15 times, it will work. When I try to put the adapter in monitor mode, if it dows it instantly, it WONT work. If it takes about 10 seconds, THEN it shows the networks… its super frustrating.

No, its not a matter of a false contact or faulty device.

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