Monitor mode on a HP EliteBook by defualt

Before I start this post i just wanna say this isn’t an issue with Parrot OS itself, just something weird.

I recently dual booted my HP EliteBook 850 G7 Notebook with parrot OS KDE.
All was fine until I decided I wanted to do some monitor mode scanning with my adapter.
I have an Ar9271 adapter I got off Ali Express but just for fun I wanted to see if I could set my internal wifi card to moniter mode. I used airmon-ng to do this and viola! it did actually set into monitor mode.

I tried scaning my network using airodump-ng and tested it using the cmd aireplay-ng --test, that also worked fine.

All this time I didn’t have my external card plugged in, so I was sure I wasn’t accidently scanning off that.

My question is, how tf is my internal wifi card able to bet set in monitor mode without any patch’s or drivers.

I’v put my laptop model in the paragraph above, and I could not find anyone who has experienced this.
So is this weird or does everyone have this but no one uses it?

Hello. It’s not about ParrotOS as you are talking about a hardware component, however no, it’s nothing weird, you just bought a plug-and-play adapter (the drivers should already be installed in the distro). I would suggest you to better read the technical specifications of this wifi adapter.

Thanks, I will do that now :sweat_smile: