Monodevelop in parrot OS ?

(Jorge Montoya) #1

Hi everyone, i have a new cuestion. i’m a student of the engineering career in computer systems and i work with two IDE Netbeans and Visual Studio but i started worked in Linux, Well for not making them so much history, can you install monodevelop in parrot?

I need that program
thanks for you help.
sorry for my english jejeje

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #2

@Nico_Paul please send this request to palinuro

And Yes You able to install monodevelop from deb

  1. Download Thismonodevlop

  2. Install it via
    dpkg -i this file path

(Jorge Montoya) #3

well i have this problem at the moment of install the package
the warnings say "dpkg: dependens problems "
How do I solve it ?

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #4

Better is not install , anyway it’s Your System

You may download all that dependities deb file and install them :expressionless:

(Jorge Montoya) #5

How download all dependencies ?
which is the command ?

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #6

It’s clpse source so notnin our repo,

Ok for installing that dependities
See in your first image ,
‘Libcurl’ is missing this type written
That all libs you need to insatll
First try this ,possible all lib flund at debian
aptitude install monodevelop

(Nico Paul) #7

if you cant read it when it is speaking to you, you probably dont need this at all. the dependencies are issues with the gnome packages that have been a nuisance for some as of late.