Monthly report

I would like to make some suggestion to Parrot crew. It would be nice if there is some kind of weekly-monthly reports from Lorenzo and crew members so we stay informed what is going on with Parrot OS currently, what are goals for near-far future and what we can expect from this distro. This idea comes to my mind because sometimes I have feeling that nothing happens besides regular updates -forum is based mostly on users questions, sometimes without answers. I understand that u don’t always have much time, but some info on a progress at regular basis would be nice to see…

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it would be nice if we can do it. We are lacking of professional teamwork management and we always lose our track because of overload work. Sometime we have new update with new cool things but because lack of announcement, reports, documents and tutorials, nobody knows about new update. It would be awesome if there are members take care of that.

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Hey dmknight, how can I get involved with the project? I would like to help the team if possible.

Just send and email to Other members of team will review it :smiley: