MSF - unmet dependencies

Metasploit-Framework is gone !!!
Metasploit Framework - unmet Dependencies (libcurl3 , virtualbox-5.2.16)

After upgrading Virtualbox-5.2.16 , I cannot see Metasploit-Framework in Parrot-4.1 … It has been automagically removed and I don’t want to remove Virtualbox …!! …
Can somebody help … please ??

Screenshots :

I don’t have the solution… But even i am facing the same problem !!

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wtf is aptitude ???
msf preinstalled on Parrot Full

apt install metasploit-framework

Yes … you are right … msf is preinstalled on parrot … but it automatically got uninstalled when I upgraded my Virtualbox to latest version (5.2.16) …
I am not having problem with installing msf package… The problem is - when I try to re-install metasploit-framework , its saying it has unmet dependencies which ultimately going to remove the latest Virtualbox package if I try to install MSF … So, I don’t wanna remove the latest Virtualbox package while installing metasploit-framework …
If you have the solution , please do share …

you can also use the synaptic package manager… it’s been a useful tool for me so far.

How did you upgrade to 5.2.16 ?

The parrot’s official repo contain the 5.2.12. What repo dou you use?
Please show me your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/parrot.list

To be sure, i installed the virtualbox (sudo apt install virtualbox)
The install didnt remove the msf

I didn’t upgraded from the repository … I have upgraded manually from the official website …

My Repo :



ahh, probably this is the problem
Install it from the repo, doesnt cause any issue :slight_smile:

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