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I’m new to the platform,and I’m not very familiar with the install methods,but I’m open to learning.
at the moment,I’m attempting to install mullvad vpn,which seems to use open vpn,an option available in the networking drop down menu.
I’ve downloaded the available app from the mullvad site for the linux os,but that’s where my luck stops.
all else is walking blind,the open vpn drop down seems straight forward,but I’m still lost when it comes to installing it as a former windows 10 user.
most of the instructions don’t seem to incorporate the parrot 4.9 os,which seems more like the instructions listed for unbutu on the mullvad site…

any assistance is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

what type of package have you downloaded?
is it a .deb or a zip file or tar file?

Thanks for the response.
I’ve managed to figure it out,i was able to install it via a .deb file.

my initial problem with switching over was the thought that all install took place via written commands,and no such install existed…
let’s just say i’m happy to find out i was wrong,because understanding those prompts may take me a while to g familiar with.

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