multiple failures after install


New to these forums, so I apologize in advanced if this has already been addressed. Unsure how much info you need, so Ill just start from the beginning.

I downloaded the newest version of the full parrot and put the iso on a USB. I successfully installed parrot to dual boot between that and windows 10. No signs of trouble at this point. I attempted to reboot to go back to windows, but it would not reboot. It appeared to accept the reboot request, but the system froze. It would not complete the reboot process. Im used to windows messing up pretty frequently, so I just cold booted it and was able to load back to parrot. I tried to reboot again, but the issue is ongoing. Cold booted one more time and, operating under the assumption that updating would fix it, I ran the sudo dist-upgrade command. Everything downloaded (after 3-4 hours) successfully. I began the installation and realized at some point that it froze during the install of a package called open-vm tools or something similar. I have recreated this exact issue about 3-4 times, and it always freezes during the same package. (note: per the FAQ I also tried running the sudo apt update & sudo apt full-upgrade commands, and also the package installer method, but the issue is ongoing at the same package) At this point, the system is completely frozen. No mouse movement, and no keyboard input is accepted. So I cold boot again. It boots to an error: “end kernel panic - not syncing”. Logic tells me that this is because I cold booted during the install and it corrupted the OS install. I cant boot into parrot at this point. I delete the volume and reinstall parrot only to recreate the issue multiple times. Im at a loss at this point. Some preliminary research indicates a Kernel issue, maybe even an incompatibility of some type. Im pretty new to Linux, but I work in cybersecurity and need a nice distro to practice some pentest labs and forensics stuff and I chose parrot over kali for a variety of reasons. Is there anything I can do? I did some googling and it seems like there might be a fix but Im not sure. It looked like it involved some kernel work, and it looked to be significantly over my head so I thought to ask here before I dug into it and really messed something up.

freezing instead of rebooting - forcing cold-boot
sudo dist-upgrade leads to frozen instance on specific package - forcing cold boot
recreated issue multiple times

note: I have a screenshot from my phone of the kernel sync error if you need it.
specifications of my laptop:
Laptop: MSI GS63 stealth 010
CPU: i7-8750H 2.2 ghz
chipset: HM370

idk what else you may need, so heres the link:

hello, I also have the same problem but in my case I can start everything very well, but when restarting or shutting down my computer it freezes, and desisntale and reinstalled and nothing, if you can solve it, let me know, thank you

check for missing drivers

How can I be seeing that, I’m new to Linux


So Ive tried a few commands I uncovered during researching how to update drivers/find any missing drivers. Im not sure if these are what I was supposed to do or not, since the issue is still ongoing.

Heres a list of things I did to try to resolve:
first thing I did was run the “sudo update-initramfs -u” command. This pulled up a list of missing drivers (I guess?) and it listed a bunch of cpu stuff and nvidia stuff. I went through the entire list, found the drivers on github and put them in the /lib/firmware/i915/ folder. re-ran the command and the list was clear. Cold-booted, but the issue is ongoing.

Next, I tried to run some firmware update commands, but this didnt work either. -literally no output

sudo apt-get install fwupd
$ fwupdmgr get-devices
$ fwupdmgr refresh
$ fwupdmgr get-updates
$ fwupdmgr update

Next, I ran the sudo apt-get install parrot-drivers command, but it returned a message stating that I already had current drivers.

Next, I followed the instructions on ‘’ since I am using nvidia graphics card. I skipped step 2 since the dist-upgrade command freezes my computer. On step 3, I ran the “sudo apt-get install nvidia-driver bumblebee-nvidia” command and my computer froze. Is this indicative of the problem here? The last 2 lines of the command output is “checking for legacy NVIDIA GPUs appear to hang, try rebooting with ‘acpi=off’ added to the kernel boot options in the GRUB configuration.” Computer freezes at this point.

I dont know what this means. Do you know what the next steps could be? Where can I go from here?

Interesting note: I can reboot the computer using the ‘reboot’ command in the terminal, but it still freezes after rebooting from the gui.

following up on the " try rebooting with ‘acpi=off’ added to the kernel boot options" advice.
I found an internet guide to do it ( and now my mouse doesnt work lol. Im stuck.

edit 2: after rebooting with acpi=off I was able to successfully run the “sudo apt-get install nvidia-driver bumblebee-nvidia” command.

edit 3: I think it may be fixed. after the bumblebee command ran successfully I removed the changes I made to grub regarding the acpi=off. I updated-grub, rebooted, and regained control of my touchpad. I can now reboot from the GUI, so it looked like my nvidia card was the issue. Everything seems normal at this point. Im running sudo apt-get dist-upgrade now. Hopefully it completes successfully. Ill update this thread when it completes.

edit 4: It works!