My internet is not working when anonsurf is disabled.

My internet is not working when anonsurf is disabled. If I enable the anonsurf the internet is going well. How do I fix this?

I’m having the same problem… I’ve been using Parrot OS for months and never had the problem until yesterday.
I did some nmapping and found out that my port 80, for some reason I haven’t figured out yet, closed.
I tried to open port 80 with iptables… but it didn’t work and the port is still closed… I’ve no idea why, it’s why I’m in this forum right now… I was hoping this post had some replies

I’m watching this post closely, figured if people saw a reply that they would also reply lol
good luck, hope we find some answers soon, if you find anything let me know - I’ll do the same in return

The question is why would it be open in the first place?

It is DNS problem

It is not the same problem.

How do I fix DNS problem?

That’s a good question, it was the only thing that I could discover that may have been the issue, as I could ONLY connect through Tor Browser at that time… I still don’t know what the issue was but interestingly, my problem has mysteriously fixed itself.

dmknght: When you have time would you mind elaborating on that!?
I originally thought mine was a DNS problem too, but mine somehow rectified itself. I’m still curious about the cause, it’s not effected me anymore but because of that I’ll eventually forget about it unless I explore it more… I’d rather understand it than ignore it
You seem certain in your response that it wasn’t DNS
If you get the time and will I, for one, would love to read more about what you know about it


I’m very sorry if im wrong but i think you are misunderstanding very basic of the problem.
As i am understanding, you are trying to open port 80 which need listen port by a program, and port 80 need sudo permission for that because it is in the default list (i don’t remember how does it call but there are ports need root’s permission for it.
Which what you did, is trying to use iptables, which is like you are trying to do forwarding packets, which is different.
So, why do you need to open port 80? It is important. Is that apache / nginx server? Or it is some kind of custom listener?
That question is the important key for what you tried to do and how can we solve it.