My laptop screen teared after am configured file then am reboot system i can't login in desktop please help me

Am using 12 years old Lenovo b460e laptop i decided to install parrot os for pentesting.i noticed my laptop screen is tearing when something doing so i search for a solution in online for screen tearing and i see many results and i 'm tried this configuration file please visit below link for more information

Then I reboot my laptop after I can’t login in desktop then I’m tried remove the 20-intel.conf by using live parrot os boot method in pendrive.then i reboot my laptop’s parrot os is work good as normal.

My Question is why i can’t login in desktop when add 20-intel.conf file ??

Details am using parrot os:

Am using parrot os electric aura 5.0

one common error is missing off the “xf86-video-intel” package. When you do a manual install


Ok try it thank you :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

It’s working thank you so much :heart::heart::heart::blush: