My Parrot laptop beeps everytime when I switch it on

Hi guys thanks so much for your earlier help.

My HP laptop with UEFI, with only Parrot in whole disk starts to beep every time when I switch my laptop on after I used tails live USB.

How can I fix this ?

Thanks for your time.


Might be a time change to UTC after using Tails. Check your laptop’s clock time to see if it is being changed.

Or it could be an entirely different issue, but that comes to mind given the limited info.

My lock shows the right time but it doesn’t change when I configured it via system - administration.

Check your BIOS boot up settings, there is an option for start beeping when boots.

I use UEFI but is there option for start beeping as well ?
It shows this screen.

How old is ur laptop? maybe is a hardware problem, in most of the cases is overheating on boot :thinking: