Need a veterans help please weird issue

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well everything was completely fine been using parrotsec for a couple months now (ill never go back to windows) but 3 days ago i tried using YOUTUBE-DL and ever since im having issues ive completely removed it in terminal and in apt ive tried reinstalling its always there no matter what i cant open dolphin even if i try via terminal i tried reinstalling and problem persists i try killing yt-dl but it says it not even installed

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└──╼ $dolphin
Usage: dolphin [OPTIONS] URL [URL…]
dolphin: error: You must provide at least one URL.
Type youtube-dl --help to see a list of all options


sudo apt purge dolphin youtube-dl

and reinstall it.

Ok I followed what you said I’m grasping at straws here I don’t know what else to try Purge and reinstall and still getting the same message

It’s really odd I removed both and only reinstalled dolphin and rebooted and tried sudo dolphin and it still responds as YouTube-dl … It’s like the os thinks dolphin is YouTube-dl now how do I fix this

How do you have installed youtube-dl?
from GITHUB?

First yes I followed the instructions on GitHub , I also tried from synaptic after removal

and what do you want with dolphin?
maybe i am wrong but dolphin is a shi… browser for android and ios right?

Dolphin is my native file manager that came with parrotsec kde , and no this is a laptop not an Android I can’t do anything that involves my file manager no matter how I try to run it really messing my weekend up

Ups, sorry mate! :slight_smile:
I have never used kde in my life i think …

Look with

which dolphin

show me the output please

└──╼ $which dolphin

and when you open it with


the same thing happens?

└──╼ $/usr/local/bin/dolphin
Usage: dolphin [OPTIONS] URL [URL…]

dolphin: error: You must provide at least one URL.
Type youtube-dl --help to see a list of all options.

ahhhh man these situations are honestly like blessings in disguise because they make you learn the hard way so upon opening /usr/local/bin/dolphin with nano i found that python somehow made a bogus directory in dolphin for youtube-dl’ .py script so i just got rid of it with sudo rm /usr/local/bin/dolphin thanks for the help my friend problem solved

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Nice one!
these are the best steps to learn something about your system … with trail&error.

but for the future:

  • make backups or snapshots
  • do not install software over multible ways
  • find out how to install. and deinstall. the tool the debian/parrot way before you install. it :wink: