Need Help Asus Transformer


(Stanley) #1

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody has tried to install parrot on ASUS Transformer tablet/laptop if yes is it possible to install in the bone of just using a flash drive or sd card? I want to try it but I do not know if is going to work any ideas thoughts?


Hola a todos, me preguntaba si alguien ha tratado de instalar parrot an un Asus Transformer tablet/ laptop si lo han hecho, es posible instalarlo por completo o solo con un usb or tarjeta sd? Quiero tratar pero no se si vaya a trabajar alguien tiene ideas o consejos?


(Amzker Pro Hacker) #2

I not understand fully
What you talking about Parrot in Asus Android
So it’s official not supported

(Stanley) #3

I want to know if is possible to install parrot on an Asus transformer???

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #4

Yes You able to install
But i see there is lot of failure
But it installable :+1:

Reference :- Asus Transformer

(Nico Paul) #5

please create thread in the support category for topics like this.

(Nico Paul) #6